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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) Degree Program. This program is designed to provide a broad background to develop scientific and psychosocial knowledge, and an understanding of the healthcare team and the healthcare system. The degree includes health care career exploration through the IMS Experiential Service Learning Seminars series, and Senior Capstone course. Because of the rigorous science-based core, the experiential service learning hours, and the seminars, all three majors prepare students to take advantage of the many career options the healthcare field offers. 

A huge part of the IMS degree program is the experiential learning and health related services students are required to complete each semester in order to graduate with this degree.

Students wishing to change majors in terms 5+ or with over 90 credit hours:
The IMS Degree program is not recommended for students transferring with over 90 attempted credit hours because academically it is not beneficial to the student. The reason is students who have over 90 credit hours already will not be able to 1) graduate in a timely fashion (there is a two year minimum for this program), 2) get the full benefits this program has to offer, and 3) gain the quality experiential learning required for this program. Students with over 90 credit hours who still wish to pursue a major change will need to submit a personal statement as part of the major change process. Please contact the with any questions.

Typically, students will be charged double the tuition rate for each credit hour beyond 132 hours for a normal 120-semester hour degree program as part of the excess credit surcharge law. For more information on the excess credit-hour surcharge, please refer to the Registrar's Office.

Current FSU Students Wishing to Change into one of the three IMS Majors:

1. You can find more information about our program here. You may call 644-1843 or email for general information.

2. You will need to be on track with our mapping milestones to be approved for a major change.
          a. To view Community Patient Care academic map click here.
          b. To view Health Management, Policy, & Information academic map click here.
          c. To view Clinical Professions academic map click here.

3. You MUST submit the IMS Experiential Seminar Placement Form if you are serious about changing your major.  Please click here for more information.
          Deadlines to submit the IMS Experiential Seminar Placement Form:
          o Fall and Spring: By the 12th week deadline
          o Summer: By the 12th week deadline of Session A
          Note: Any student who misses the deadline will have to wait until after grades post to be considered               for the major change.

Your major change request will be processed by our office. You will be notified via email whether or not you qualify for a major change and/or if other steps are necessary. 

Submit the IMS Experiential Seminar Placement Form here.