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Council on Diversity and Inclusion


The mission of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion is to ensure that diversity and inclusion are upheld as core institutional values. We seek to increase awareness of the importance of diversity among faculty, staff, and students. We wish to provide a safe place where individual differences are appreciated and uniqueness supported and nurtured.

Current and Ongoing Initiatives

  • Provide a safe space for nonjudgmental listening and confidential mentoring—for anyone—on academic or social issues
  • Sponsor annual Grand Rounds events
  • Provide diversity and inclusion orientation sessions for new FSU COM students and employees
  • Select and feature recommended resources for diversity and inclusion affairs at COM and FSU 
  • Develop diversity and inclusion training and education opportunities for FSU COM
  • Sponsor visit for Dr. Linda Pololi, Brandeis University, to discuss C - Change cultural climate survey results with faculty, staff, and students. November 15-17, 2017
  • Sponsor visit for Dr. David Acosta, Chief Diversity Officer, AAMC. January 11, 2018
  • Partner with FSU COM stakeholders to centralize mechanisms for faculty, staff, and students to confidentially report incidents and concerns

 Past Initiatives 

  • Sponsored FSU COM cultural climate survey (C - Change) in Fall 2016
  • Selected and featured local resources for immigration advocacy (Immigration Resources) with accompanying statement
  • Co-sponsored, with Faculty Council Executive Committee, faculty forum on sanctuary campus movement
  • Developed fact sheet that describes FSU COM's commitment to diversity and inclusion as institutional core values that are reflected in its community

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Contact Information

For more information, contact Committee Chair:

Phone: 850-645-6564