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Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences at the Florida State University College of Medicine trains biomedical scientists using modern approaches of genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and other contemporary approaches to address questions of developmental, cell, and molecular biology related to human health. The Program is appropriate for students with majors in biochemistry, biology or other health-related fields.

Areas of Research

Six research foci are offered:

Research rotations during the first year allow students to make an informed choice of the research area and major professor with whom they will conduct their Ph. D. work. The program consists of a core curriculum of the fundamentals, the choice of electives from other departments, and intellectual interactions with faculty, students and postdocs that trains graduate students into independent scientists.

Contact Information

For More Information:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 850-645-6420

Director of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Phone: 850-644-0402

Associate Director of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Phone: 850- 644-2271

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