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Council on Diversity and Inclusion

The FSU College of Medicine Council on Diversity & Inclusion
is made up of faculty, staff, and students


The mission of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion is to ensure that diversity and inclusion are upheld as core institutional values. We seek to increase awareness of the importance of diversity among faculty, staff, and students. We wish to provide a safe place where individual differences are appreciated and uniqueness supported and nurtured.

Current Council Initiatives

  • Develop Crisis Management Protocol
  • Define and promote how COM recruits and retain a diverse student body, faculty, and staff that mirror the communities we serve.
  • Develop Diversity and Inclusion Training and Education for the College of Medicine


In the Spotlight

SharePoint Website

To view more information relating the the Council on Diversity and Inclusion visit our  SharePoint site.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Committee Chair:

Phone: 850-645-6564